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Online marketing playing an august role to improve presence of business in competitive market across the globe and also helps to improve sales and profits online.

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With more and more businesses turning online, the competition is set to become unfathomable in the next few years. In situations like these, the chances of being able to showcase one’s business and be noticed for it become quite grim. Nobody wants that.

The marketing team at DNS does rigorous research for your specified business and selects the most preferred list of domain names to get you and your business noticed.

Our team at DNS assists in Domain name selection through:

  • Intensive market analysis
  • Customer surveys and;
  • Providing a protected and copyright infringement free atmosphere

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Social networking is everywhere on our phones, tablets and of course, PCs. And so, social networking becomes equally significant to expand businesses too. The social networking provided by DNS caters to all sorts of business expansion needs across all social media platforms.

What we do

We access the major social media outlets to check what sells in your specified code of business. Then we link your businesses and modify the terms to suit your business better.

The marketing team:

  • Associates itself with your business and works towards mutual growth
  • Carries out intensive researches to match your business requirements
  • Hunts for the right kind of content for your business

In this age of online marketing, getting the right kind of traffic and adapting this traffic into a loyal customer base becomes a task that’s quite imperative and tricky. The get traffic service of DNS makes sure that this doesn’t happen to your business if you’re associated with DNS.

We provide a market analysis and seek to find out the customer’s set of choices. Striking a chord that leads to a correct balance of both expertise and experience, we at DNS make sure that your websites get more visitors with each passing day.

We offer:

  • Detailed listings of clicks on the website
  • Set of customer choices for websites and;
  • Tips and tricks for diverting more traffic to business websites

Better Social networking starts with how responsive fan pages are. A fan page made with DNS marketing division’s expert guidance and experience makes more persons attracted to our businesses and helps you grow.

What we do

The fan page creation may seem a task pretty easy on the exterior. We create pages and add stuff as per the customer’s preferences. Because we believe that, what appeals to the eyes, caters to the mind.

We support businesses by:

  • Linking the main website to the fan page to provide easy access
  • Associating with the customer’s mind and presenting what’s needed
  • Targeting the accurate audience

We, as professionals at DNS, aim at making the businesses of our clients’ people’s top and most preferred choice. The service of Keywords research at DNS makes sure that your business is featured in the top 5 search results when any customer looks for a specified service.

Intensive homework is done at DNS towards reputation building of a clients’ business. We have one of the largest networks of qualified professionals for the job. With DNS, there is no worry.

We aid

  • Image building
  • Business Websites by supplementing the right terms
  • Overall character building
  • Better listings for higher search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization helps to improve the search engine ranking of your site based on its relevance and authoritativeness. This will generate a large number of viewership for your site.

The higher the rank of your site among the result of Google’s search engine, the better perceived would be the quality of your website. Thus, to improve your site image, it is important that you use SEO services.

DNS marketing would provide transparently and ethical services for SEO optimization aimed at:

  • Providing a suggested list of keywords and conducting SEO audit and analysis for your company
  • Creation of focused web pages determined by the suggested keywords to achieve the desired results
  • Setting up of blogs to enhance SEO options for your enterprise

Bookmarking and Link building is a brilliant tool for increasing your site’s popularity and improving its rank. It bookmarks your site linking it with certain established keywords. Bookmarking enables you to add bookmarks, tags, etc. to your site. Linking provides you various methods of bringing more traffic as well as revenue to your business.

With the help of the services from DNS marketing, you can:

  • Aim for strategic placements of keywords resulting in better SEO results
  • Increase the popularity of your link
  • Optimize the page crawler speed of your site
  • Effective maintenance of sites
  • Increase in traffic and revenue opportunities for your firm.

Video Marketing services help your enterprise establish a better and cheap communication system with your potential customer base with numerous mediums at your disposal- imagery, written or spoken word, etc. Video Marketing is an effective tool for site optimization which helps your enterprise in market domination.

Opting for DNS Marketing would reap your company the following benefits:

  • The strategies that we utilize for site ranking using videos would expose a greater traffic and site popularity
  • The client's demands and suggestions are in keeping with the techniques we adopt for video marketing purposes
  • Reduction in the AdWords cost for an economical solution to your problems

Engaging in Bulk Email and SMS marketing would enable you to reach a wide customer base in a very short span of time. Such services help you provide a single subscription/unsubscription list helping you maintain a properly detailed list of your customer base.

DNS marketing services provide you with a bulk of efficient email and SMS services with the help of which you can market your site better.

  • With the help of DNS, you would be able to make your mark on the digital marketing front.
  • You can track and analyze the information from such marketing activities and form necessary modifications to achieve the desired results.