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Graphics & Designing

We believe graphic design is about more that just “being pretty” — It’s about using images, infographics, illustrations, charts, graphs and layouts to communicate ideas, and sell products or services. By utilizing graphic design and visual branding, companies accomplish organic engagement and build lasting relationship with clients.

We Offer

A Banner Advertisement is an advertising module adopted by entrepreneurs who want to create awareness about their product/service on the World Wide Web using an ad server. With the help of such banner ads, you can embed an advertisement of your product/service into a web page.

This will help in an increase in the traffic you incur on your site. The advertisements on the web pages would provide a direct link to your main site promoting your brand and creating awareness about it.

DNS Marketing would help you:

  • Create strategic links which will promote more viewership and improve traffic statistics of your site.
  • Identify popular and relevant sites and creation of ads in a way which will generate maximum customer acknowledgment.

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Whenever you come in contact with potential clients, a permanent way to ensure that they always keep you in their mind would be to hand over a stylish and intriguing business card which catches their attention easily. For this, a proper guidance should be undertaken so that the benefits of business cards and office stationery can be utilized to its maximum.

DNS Marketing helps you achieve that effortlessly.

  • Drafting of unique designs which suit your personality and which can stand out in a sea of business cards
  • Placing of company logo in a strategic manner on all office stationery, which proves as an asset and acts as an impetus to the reputation of the company

An outstanding method of gaining customer attention would be through funny cartoons or caricatures. Who does not like cartoons? If your site is properly marketed with caricature graphics embedded in it, many interested individuals are going to sit up and take notice.

How does DNS Marketing come into the picture?

  • DNS Marketing would provide appropriate cartoons for you taking advantage of current events providing you a differentiating factor from that of your competitors
  • Customized designs drafted according to your requirements
  • Customers can avail the benefits and choose among the different categories of cartoons and caricatures that we excel in

Photoshop Editing is a feature which is quite a rage these days. This feature allows the user to alter an image according to his/her benefit. Nowadays, many images are altered and edited in a way which serves a certain purpose or promotes a certain idea as propounded by the user. Photoshop editing can be used by entrepreneurs on various links to their site to induce the surfers to come and visit their main site.

You can avail the services provided by DNS Marketing and benefit from them.

  • We undertake extensive research to find the appropriate images for the required situations
  • An expert team is involved in the process of Photoshop editing to provide the clients with maximum satisfaction.

Social media is where the magic happens. The start-ups benefit immensely by utilizing the social media platforms in a way where they can generate maximum brand awareness and gain customer contacts. Social Media Design is a content service that helps entrepreneurs communicate and establish a personal relationship with their clients.

Social Media Design is a very important part of your venture as it serves as a direct link to contact with your customers and the first image that your customers form about your brand depends on the effectiveness of your social media design.

DNS Marketing can help your enterprise in the following ways:

  • It will help your clients to easily access the contents of your venture such as articles, photos, animations, etc.
  • A quality design drafted in a way which appeals to the masses.

Flyers and Posters can act as a wonderful way of gaining customer attention. Designing of attractive posters can provide further recognition to your business. Flyers and posters are used for small-scale marketing and can achieve a large scale of recognition goals provided such promotion activities are taken place at appropriate venues.

How is DNS Marketing going to help me in this endeavor?

  • Strategic placement of flyers and posters at appropriate sites to achieve maximum results.
  • Innovative designs would be developed to provide your firm with a competitive edge over others.

Illustrations provide a crystal clear view of the basic concepts of your product or service. It provides your customers a brief but overall view of the product or service you have to offer. It is a picture or artwork describing the core value of your product. Such pictorial representation induces the customers to sit up and take notice of your site.

What does DNS Marketing have to do with this feature?

  • Developing interactive icons to serve easy surfing on your main site.
  • Proper assimilation and establishment of links among different sites through appropriate illustrations.
  • Developing relatable and inspiring illustrations to motivate the user to explore your site further.

Sending out invitations as a marketing strategy is an amazing way to expand customer contacts and brand promotion. Even after having developed the most scintillating of invitations, all your efforts could be for naught if you do not convey the right message at the right time. If you can accomplish that, new avenue of opportunities would open up for your business.

DNS Marketing helps you:

  • Highlight the essential values and the goals you want to accomplish through the use of such invitations which intrigue the users to come and explore more.
  • Identify the most appropriate target market and deploys such invitations in a way which ensures maximum profits.

Logo is the design or structure which will define the way people recognize your company or brand. It is the very first interface that can interact with the potential customers. Thus, it would be safe to say that logo design is an extremely important feature to focus on while starting up a new venture.

The design should be relatable and be capable of being used independently on different items. It should be chic and unique enough to make it stand out from the rest.

DNS Marketing can help you come up with unique designs

  • It will come up with engaging designs keeping with the value and product of your company.
  • It would take into account the coming changes and develop a logo which is simple but evergreen.
  • The logos designed would have the power of enhancing your brand image which would become the face of all of your products/services.

Marketing your T-Shirts/Shirts can be a harrowing process yielding lower results if proper methods are not followed. Designing of innovative T-Shirts with quirky messages often prove successful in grabbing the attention of the customer. Providing quality customized T-Shirts/Shirts can cement your reputation in the market in which you function.

DNS Marketing would help with:

  • The making of promotional videos that induces customers to come and visit your site and peruse the various options you offer.
  • Coming up with time-appropriate and quirky quotes which make everyone take notice.

Smart and elegant T-Shirts are an excellent way of generating brand awareness by spreading the name of the company to different places at a very cheap rate.

Newsletter Designing involves sending of various contest based information on the products and services offered by the entrepreneur to a certain list of subscribers which include both the potential as well as the existing customers. It is a great way of engaging your present customers and bringing in future business to ensure your company’s profitability.

What will DNS Marketing do?

  • Carry an extensive study into the target market and decide the format of the newsletter based on such information.
  • Divide the content into set categories and structure them in a way which provides focused facts and figures to the user.
  • Use of appropriate imageries and animations to keep the readers engaged.
  • Provide a feedback module and conducting of prior tests to ensure the features of the newsletter are unchanged when viewed on different browsers.